Our Story

Gravity Grips offer a new level of creative and innovative suspension holds on the market that will test your physical strength and mental fortitude.

Australian designed and manufactured in Victoria, we aim to push you to your limits to discover the potential that your body is capable of.
Our Story: The Beginning
Gravity Grips was founded by previous owners, Ben and Lachlan.
Lachlan had already been tirelessly researching how to make CannonBalls and making prototypes in his garage. Ben had the knowledge and experience needed to take these prototypes to the next level. The two decided right then to become business partners. The only condition was: "Anything we put our names on and sell must be of the highest possible quality" 
After 5 amazing years of Gravity Grips, Ben and Lachlan believed that they achieved their goal in creating the best quality suspended training holds in Australia.
Ben and Lachlan then decided it was time to hand over the company to someone who also had the same passion and love for the sport of Ninja Warrior.
Our Story: A New Chapter
My name is Lochie Lydom, I have been involved in the sport of Ninja Warrior in Australia for over 5 years now. Ninja Warrior has always been my passion. When given the opportunity to take over Gravity Grips I did not hesitate. For the last few months I have been working tirelessly with Ben and Lachy to ensure that the quality of  Gravity Grips products is the best. I am so excited to open this new chapter for Gravity Grips and can't wait for what is to come!