Our Story

Bringing together the technical know-how of two of Australia's Season 1 Ninja Warrior competitors, Gravity Grips offer a new level of creative and innovative suspension holds on the market that will test your physical strength and mental fortitude.

Australian designed from the sweat and chalked floors of Brisbane's best training locations and manufactured in your own backyard, we aim to push you to your limits to discover the potential that your body is capable.

Gravity Grips - We are a Strength and Movement Company.

Our story: Lachlan

Parkour / Calisthenics Enthusiast
 When Co-founder Lachlan Fyfe first got accepted into the first ever Australian Ninja Warrior Season 1, he knew he would have to start training on real Ninja warrior equipment to stand a chance in the competition. This lead him to pursue the search for the best equipment. Lachlan was working two jobs to keep his gym afloat and when facing the challenge of accessing the right equipment from an overseas market, along with logistical and currency constraints, Lachlan had no choice but to craft his own brand of equipment out of household items. 

Our story: Ben

Rock Climbing / Calisthenics Enthusiast
Meanwhile, co-founder Ben Jones had also been accepted into Season 1 of Australian Ninja Warrior. When talking to a mate he was told "If you want to train Ninja Warrior in Brisbane go see this guy Lachlan". Ben went to Lachlan's gym and straight away the pair realised they would make great training partners. With only 2 months until the show they simulated as many obstacles as they could, utilising the homemade equipment and pushed their bodies and each other every training session. 

Our Story: The Partnership

On the journey to Ninja Warrior Australia in Sydney, Lachlan asked Ben if he knew anyone who had experience with branding and operational procedures. Ben said "yeah man, me. That's exactly what I do at work". 
Lachlan had already been tirelessly researching how to make CannonBalls and making prototypes in his garage. Ben had the knowledge and experience needed to take these prototypes to the next level. The two decided right then to become business partners. The only condition was: "Anything we put our names on and sell must be of the highest possible quality" 

Two weeks later Gravity Grips was born.