Gravity Ambassadors

Josh McMurray

Josh was a competitive skateboarder in his younger years and then went on to fall in love with rock-climbing. Josh describes ninja warrior as a blend of all his passions and that's probably why he is dominating the Ninja Challenge League.

"The strength side, agility, body awareness. All wrapped into one sport how could I pass this up!"

We are so proud to have Josh as our Perth brand ambassador for Gravity Grips he is a very humble guy with a phenomenal level of strength and skill

Give him a follow now @mcnurries to see more of his training.


 Jack Wilson

Jack grew up in rural Mt Isa and battled his fair share of struggles growing up. Jack overcame this and turned his life around In 2013 when he joined the Indigenous Marathon Project and completed the New York Marathon. Since then Jack has become an absolute weapon at Calisthenics and bar flow.

His goal in Ninja Warrior is to inspire Indigenous men, women and children to live a healthy lifestyle and always strive to achieve their goals.

We back Jacks story and message 100% and are humbled to have him as part of the Gravity Grips family.

Follow him @jank_ to see his work as a ninja coach and his training progress!